Father Paul MacNeil

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is for our spiritual healing. According to the Gospels, after the Resurrection, Jesus appeared to the apostles, breathed on them, and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.” (John 20:22-23) The reason for this sacrament is to heal our spiritual wounds, which we call sin.

Catholics must confess all known mortal sins to a priest. By doing this, we put ourselves in the state of grace necessary to receive the Holy Eucharist.

Confessing sins to a priest is not as difficult as people think. Most people tell sensitive, delicate and confidential information to their doctor or lawyer, so why not a priest? The priest is bound by the most absolute secrecy and confidentiality known to humankind. Not even the Pope can get the priest to reveal what was said in the confessional.

Who authored this survey and the model behind it?

The Social Collaboration Maturity Model (SCMM) was created by OrangeTrail based on many years of experience, working with organisations to increase the value they extract from using enterprise social platforms. The Scan was created in partnership by Knowman and OrangeTrail, in what became an amazing exercise of systematising and making explicit the thinking behind the Model. OrangeTrail helps organisations leverage technology to improve employee engagement, make the company smarter and faster, and to accelerate organisational learning. Knowman is a consultancy company specialised in designing and implementing strategies, plans and activities to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing and retention, and organisational learning.

How is this survey different from so many others out there?

Four main reasons: 1. The survey is based on a tried and tested model built on many years of experience (the Social Collaboration Maturity Model). 2. The survey’s only focus is on how organisations use their digital platforms to derive business value – platforms and their features do not have any impact on how well your organisation uses them. 3. The survey accepts that reality is rarely black or white. As such, it allows for many shades of gray ;) 4. Organisations receive a free personalised 14-page report. It details the organisation’s social collaboration maturity stage and offers recommendations to progress towards more mature stages of use and, therefore, get more value from its enterprise social platforms.

Who will have access to my contact details and where will they be stored?

1. Data will only be visible to OrangeTrail and Knowman. 2. Data will be stored on SurveyMonkey and Microsoft Sharepoint. Only the team that analyse the data have access to it. We keep the data in order to be able to show progress over time. On request we will remove reference to person or company from the survey data.

I have other questions or concerns. What can I do?

Please get in touch. Find our contact information below.

Can you perform a more detailed scan at my organisation?

Yes! Actually this Maturity Scan is a condensed version of a much more detailed diagnosis we have done for some of our clients.

Please check the table above for the Intermediate and Comprehensive Scans we can do at your organisation

Why should my organisation participate in this survey?

1. You will get to see your organisation’s social collaboration maturity stage in 7 focus areas: leaders, employees, teams, communities, support functions, internal communications and innovation.
2. You will get a set of personalised recommendations to help your organisation progress towards more mature stages of use and, therefore, derive more value from your existing enterprise social platforms.
3. You will contribute to a global benchmark report which will hopefully help push organisations towards a more social way of working.
4. You will be able to check how your organisation fares against the benchmark. You can then use it to secure resources and energise your colleagues: either by showing the potential for improvement or by showing how well you are doing.

Are there any differences from last year's survey?

For this year we have created a platform that:
1. Allows you to save your answers, so that you can easily work through the survey questions at your own pace;
2. Will produce your personalised set of recommendations as soon as you complete the survey;
3. In future editions, will make it easier for you to see how your organisation has progressed over time. This year’s survey also includes a few questions specifically related to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic... and we have added some more detail to the innovation section in order to build a more nuanced view of reality. However, and apart from the innovation section, the backbone questions have not changed so that it is possible for each organisation to see their own progress and also for a global analysis of progress.

What is included in the personalised report?

The report includes: The maturity stage of your organisation in each of the 7 focus areas of social collaboration with a list of recommendations for each one of those areas and personalised based on your current stage.

Can my organisation participate?

The Model, and therefore the survey, was developed for public and private organisations with 150+ employees. So, if your organisation fits that description, the answer is “yes”.

Who, in my organisation should fill in the survey?

It should be filled in by someone with internal ownership of your organisation’s social platform or by someone with a global view and knowledge of the organisation. Having said that, it is possible to answer the survey based on a specific unit / department or even on a region (e.g. Canada, or Operations). One suggestion: gathering a group of colleagues and filling in the survey together will certainly make for a very interesting discussion and it will likely reveal good practices from parts of the business. If you take this approach, it is better to allocate 2 hours.

Is the survey available in other languagues?

No. If language is an issue, please do get in touch and we will do our best to help.