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COVID-19 update, Jan. 3, 2022

Premier Ford's Announcement Today

Jan 3, 2022


Dear parishioners:


Today premier Ford announced additional restrictions in an effort to "blunt" the impact of the omicron variant on our hospital systems. These restrictions will remain in place for 21 days, beginning Wednesday morning (12:01 am), January 5th. These restrictions include a 50% capacity limit for weddings, funerals, baptisms and all other religious services. This should not affect attendance at Our Lady of the Scapular parish.  Currently, we are only able to hold about 30% capacity (due to physical distancing requirements) and we have been able to keep our parishioners safe and comfortable. 

We are waiting for further direction from the Bishop regarding the latest announcement, including the possibility of closing our office for the duration of the current 21-day restrictions. 

Public health is encouraging all citizens of Ontario to get fully vaccinated, including a booster shot, and to exercise all mask-wearing and physical distancing requirements. I would like to add my own support and encouragement to get fully vaccinated and wear a mask where required. 

I know this is not easy to bear, we have all been through so much. Just know that our Church is here for you. Please try your best to stay positive and remember the words of our Lord: "I am with you, even to the end of the ages." 

Fr. Paul MacNeil, Pastor


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Diocesan Policy Regarding the Mandatory Use of Face Coverings


Some highlights of the policy: 

  • The wearing of face coverings is mandatory for those 5 years of age or older who enter the church for any public gathering including Masses, funerals, weddings (excluding the bride and the groom) and other liturgies.  

  • Hospitality ministers must wear face coverings 

  • Face shields are not an adequate form of face covering

  • Masks will be provided if you don't have one 

  • Face coverings are to be removed for communion 

  • "Any individual...who does not comply with the diocesan policy and the mandatory face covering law will be solely responsible for any penalty or fine that might be levied by the municipality or county for non-compliance."